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Best Badminton Rackets In 2019

Best Badminton Rackets 2019

Yonex Voltric Z Force II 2 Badminton Racket

the time I’m looking at the Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 – from your neck a very very
popular racket and you’ve probably seen it and lots and lots of different
colorways now and since use originally
brought out a year or so ago in this nice and dark blue there have been
various other versions of it from the Lee Chong Wei version and currently
there are two or three linden versions as well and or basically that they are
the same racket just different paintwork and what can I tell you about this
racket well this is a head heavy this is white the ball turret so it’s head heavy
at the top, it’s a compact frame which means it’s slightly smaller than the
standard frame it is a very very thin shaft but it’s also as you can probably
see very very stiff indeed and this is based at the top end of the ball turret
range and it’s not going to suit
everyone it’s a great singles racket and for some, it’s a great doubles racket as
well and but for a lot of people you will find this the combination of a
stiff shaft and really head heavy racket it’s not going to be one that’s going to
suit you but if you’ve got good strong arms if you’ve got great technique this
could be great for big smashes and lots of power play so just be very mindful of
the fact that head heavy racket can tie your arms but if you are strong enough
then great you’ll get a lot from this racket and also notice with this racket
is and there are various grommet strips
along here and here and down here as
well which means that and from one point it means it’s a lot easier in terms of
the smoothness of stringing and the fact that when we when we’re stringing along
here it’s great for strengthening in that it’s easy to get the strings
through on certain holes, however, the downside to it is if you break a grommet
around you have to replace the entire strip and
for this, it might mean that stringer has to replace all of the grommets because
you can’t do get the one little piece so we have to buy an input and overall a
really really great racket Singles plays
generally, love this kind of racket and very powerful and pretty easy to
maneuver as well and so that’s it that’s divorce we set forth to all you enjoyed
this review on a cm another one

Yonex Duora Z Strike Badminton Racket

I am reviewing the Yonex Duora Z strike which comes in a standard dora clothes like this and it’s of a quick look at this beauty and so this is primarily a so black and white racket this is a 3u and a Geforce style grip which is a slightly bigger grip and this is a compact head and as you can see it’s sort of quite a stiff racket and it’s a racket that I have really enjoyed using and and I would say that this is probably one of the best rackets that your Nexus has introduced into the market for some time well last time I did a rack of you think I was reviewing the Lyndon force which again I really really enjoyed and and this has followed on very nicely indeed and and giving me really really good results we already know that the many top plays using this racket from Victor axelsson we Nolan down and had a girl with it you know Carolyn the Marian’s been using it and so what makes you so special well the Dualla system is this sort of two sided framing the light one is supposedly fast or municipal and is slightly slower and all it means is that on this one edge here it’s a little bit more tapered to a point where this is more rounded in reality there is very little difference between the two and and this is not having a goal Yonex here for doing this I think rather than that I’d say that they’re doing something different and it is good it’s just the fact that a lot of players again a hanger pole written said well I turn my racket all the time and I’ve always twisted my racket in between points that I won’t know where the fast side is in the slow side and I can’t be doing with that I need to be concentrating on the game and my response to that is there isn’t enough difference between both sides for you to really feel it that much and and just get on with the game really there isn’t there isn’t that much there to worry so if you like a sort of even balance to slightly head heavy which I think this is racket then you might find that the doors that strike is or should be on your list to test it is a great racket it’s got plenty of power it’s got lots of feel as well if you like the sight is slightly stiffer frame together with the compact head then I think you’re going to love this and it will have a tighter tight feel to it than say the Linden force which is a standard sized head and but it is well worth a look and I have thoroughly enjoyed testing this racket and there will be a written review coming out shortly and and I would strongly recommend that you give this a try and have this on your list to test and whenever you can as I say it’s powerful it’s got loads of touch it’s quick and it’s almost a bit like a heavier jet speed 10 which is a huge compliment to this racket by the way and rather than a promotion of a normal racket it actually is a big nod to your necks to say you know you have done a great job and there is a if you can see there and there is a grommet strip at the top there which looks like it’s doing a good job of protecting but at the moment I haven’t seen anywhere that is selling these which is a lot better concern because you bring a new racket you should have the spares for it as you can imagine with Yonex rackets you know absolutely rock-solid in terms of torque and so there is no issue there if you slightly hit off center and there’s not really really very much twist to send the shuttle out the core and so there you go and a beautiful racket from Yonex this is the dawah rosette strike well worth a good look and so hopefully you can have a great test of this and you may like it too.

Yonex Duora 10 Badminton Racket

you have you ever been in a dilemma of whether to get an offensive or defensive racket well I’m Erin and here’s a racket that’s offensive on this side and defensive on this side this racket is the yonex to or attend it is both an offensive and defensive racket if you’re right-handed you should see an orange frame when you look down at your racket and if you’re left-handed you should see a green frame when you look down at your racket this racket has an isometric head.

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